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My Story

Hey, I’m Maria Helena!


I’m a certified orthomolecular therapist and personal hormonal profiling coach.

I love good food, it brings joy, pleasure and people together. And most of all; food is a great healer.


Like Hippocrates said:

“Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food”




It means “Health” in Swahili. My mother was Tanzanian and I was born at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania (and my father comes from the Caribbean, Curacao to be precise).

After loosing my mother due to multiple health problems like diabetes, overweight, kidney and liver problems, I came to the conclusion that in my mother’s case Western medicine was not trying to cure the cause of the problem. Western medicine was masking the problem by providing a pill for this, a pill for that, an injection here, and so on…..

This was the moment that my curiosity for nutrition started. Unfortunately I was not able to help my mother. But none the less my quest for knowledge evolved and now my aim is to help anyone to become and stay healthy. Health for all…Afya for all!


It’s not a diet, on the contrary.

Just how amazing is our body! It is transforming the food we consume into nutrition, to fuel our mind and body. From this point my approach is to reach hormonal health and balance. I help educate people so they understand their bodies better. I give my clients the tools so they can help themselves on a long-term base.


I’ve developed an effective way to help you cut through the maze of food myths and, by working with me, I will develop your own personal nutrition, supplement and fitness plan based on your hormonal profile. Healthy Inside, Happy Outside.


Orthomolecular Therapy & Phyto therapy - SOHF

Orthomolecular Treatment Protocols: Digestion, Stomach, Liver & Intestines - SOHF

Personal Hormonal Profiling Coach - OverloadWorldwide

Top A Personal Trainer - OverloadWorldwide

Kickboxing Instructor - Aalo

Kickbox Pads Training - Aalo

Bachelor of Communications Management & PR - Hogeschool InHolland

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